How to choose a monitor stand?

With the most logical and strongest clamp design to date, a standard quick release mechanism and smooth counterbalance movement in an exceptional range, this series must become your new standard.

For an articulated arm style support, you need to check the weight of your screen to see if the support can support it easily.

If it is a support for 2 or 3 screens, you must still check the weight of each screen as well as the dimensions in order to choose the appropriate model.

For a wall mount, we advise you to consider the following factors to find the right wall mount for your needs.

A light-duty or heavy-duty wall mount?

It’s all a question of capacity. In other words, what is the maximum weight the wall mount can support? We would tend to look at the size of the screen, but in the case of single-monitor wallmounts, the weight of the screen is the determining factor, not the size.

The notion of capacity is not always obvious. Screen depth is another essential factor to consider. If it is significant, the center of gravity is shifted. This increases the torque on the tilt axis and reduces the overall capacity of the mount. Take for example the Samsung® Odyssey G9 gaming monitor. Although it only weighs 28 pounds, it’s far too heavy for many mounts that are originally designed to hold that weight. For what ? Its 1000R curved screen has a depth of 12 inches, which increases the load by more than 50% compared to its rated weight. In this case, choose a screen support specially designed for the Samsung Odyssey G9.


You need to take the time to determine the ideal location to install your monitor wall mount. No matter the weight capacity and build quality of a stand, it can fail if not securely attached and cause damage or even injury. Make your choice based on your site requirements and conditions.

Check the bracket’s manual to make sure it can be installed where intended and in the manner desired. If you are installing the support on a hollow wall, locate the stud and make sure to fix the support in its center; use long screws with coarse threads that penetrate deep into the stud.


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